Sunday, April 17, 2011

[vienna waits for you]

Dear Future Husband,
This is the Wiener Riesenrad located in Vienna, Austria. A lovely farris wheel built in 1897 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Franz Joseph I. It was burned down in 1944, but rebuilt the following year. Their private cabins are perfect for candlelit dinners overlooking Vienna. HINT HINT.

P.s. 400 Euros is 200 US dollars right? ;)
Okay, so maybe we'll ride in a cabin with 8 other people and eat granola bars, it's only 8.5 Euros. :)

[happy me]

birthday: park with Abby & Britt and Cafe Rio with the family (YUM!)

Abby is a ham, for sure.
And we got some funny looks
with her fashionista ways.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Internship #1: COMPLETE
I finished with a 99.57% (I know, I slacked a little!)

My internship coordinator wrote this comment on my "FINAL" paper.
"Your natural skills and talents, coupled with your passion and knowledge of development and the Gospel make you well prepared to serve and lift children and families as you go forward, in all that you do!"

On to Internship #2.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


"Do you feel like you're a lucky person?"

I was asked this question during a phone interview for the preschool I applied to. I answered the question to the best of my ability by stating that I know if I work hard and do everything I can do it is then (and only then) that I can leave the rest to fate or luck. I've thought about this question since. And yes, I feel like I am a lucky person.

-I have been blessed with an amazing family.
-I have supportive friends.
-I have been given every opportunity to succeed.
-I have been privileged to travel.
-I have an education.
-I've never had to worry about having a place to sleep, clothes to wear, or food to eat.
-I feel safe.
-I have no major health problems.
-I've always had a job waiting.
-I am free to practice my religious beliefs.
-I am alive while the restored gospel is on the earth.

Monday, April 4, 2011

[newport again]

Nothing better than falling asleep on a hill over looking the ocean.
(and having the sunburn to prove it)

[boys (and girl) of summer]

Britt and I made it to one of Evan's baseball/tball games a few weeks ago. It was fun seeing this little guy grown up and having fun.

He means business.

They picked their own names for their jerseys.

Friday, April 1, 2011


-April 9th. Last day at Islands.
-April 11th. Last day of Rio Vista internship.
-April 12th. As Abby would say, "HAPPY ME". #23
-April 19th. Beginning of Medical Assisting internship in Arcadia.
-Interview for a teaching position at a preschool in South Pasadena.
(fingers crossed!)
-April 25th. Abby's "HAPPY ME". #2
-Called as Relief Society teacher.
-Wore heels for the first time since November. (ref:ankle)
-Life is good.