Sunday, May 29, 2011


Two years ago Britt and I saw these lovely Dublin boys in the El Rey Theater [remember?] On Friday we headed to Club Nokia in Los Angeles to see them again. This was a much bigger venue and a fun experience.

I went to work in the morning and left early so we could get to the theater to stand in line for wristbands for the pit area (area right in front of the stage). We # 53 in line WOOT! After being herded from waiting area to waiting area we were finally released into the pit and found perfect spots (until Mr. Tall Man stood right in front of me). After shifting a bit I found a nice view through the tall people's heads (it's rough being short in the pit). There were probably 6-7 people in front of us, so I'm not complaining. By the end of the concert I had been on my feet from 9am-11pm. Needless to say, the next day was a day of rest...and stretching.

[can't quite see the stage, but you get the idea]
& yes, that's Mr. Tall Man right there

It was fun hearing their "older" songs mixed in with songs from their new album (HIGHLY RECOMMEND!)


"You won't find faith or hope down a telescope
You won't find heart and soul in the stars
You can break everything down to the chemicals
But you can't explain a love like ours." [faith&science]

"This is why we do it
This is worth the pain
This is why we bow down
And get back up again
This is where the heart lies
This is from above
Love is this, this is love
Love is why we do it
Love is worth the pain
Love is why we fall down
And get back up again
Love is where the heart lies
Love is from above
Love is this, this is love" [this=love]

"We're smiling but we're close tears,
Even after all these years,
We just now got the feeling
that we're meeting for the first time" [for the first time]

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

[pt. c/o f/u Rx]

Ear levage. When earwax builds up SOMEONE has to get it out.
During my first observation of one of these I had to think REALLY HAPPY thoughts to keep my protein shake and toast down. Dark chunks of build-up had to be pulled out. Today I was able to perform an ear levage solo. (with no sign of my pancakes making a second appearance!)

UA (urine analysis). This involves dipping test strips in cups of urine and waiting for tiny colored blocks to turn colors (or not), then deciphering the measurements and charting the results. Urine doesn't lie-You can tell a lot from pee. Just saying. :)

EKG or ECG. One of my favorite tests to give because I get to watch people's HEARTS in action-literally! This involves a front opening gown, alcohol swabs, sticky tabs, and tons of wires.
Performed my first SOLO TB test today. I made a perfect little bubble. Very proud.
Blood pressure. Our office is old school-we do not use the automatic/electric monitors like many offices do now. By the end of this internship I will be a blood pressure maniac.
WooHoo for injections. B12 is the most common, with Tdap, Pneumovax, Tetanus, and Flu right behind. I recently gave an injection for pain, which ironically cause A LOT of pain for the pt. (that's slang for patient) and I felt SO BAD!
This job is giving me strange habits. At work we document EVERYTHING! For example when I call a patient to give them their results I have to write what happened...
5/17/11 spoke w/ pt. re results AM (spoke with patient and discussed results signed *my initials)
5/17/11 L/M AM (left message)

Well, I was making personal phone calls the other night (at home) and after I hung up I picked up a pen to write the convo down (spoke w/...*drop pen laugh at self*). Yeah, loads of fun.

Three weeks left. Yahoo. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

[84 hours down]

...116 to go.

What have I done in the last 84 hours as a medical intern?
(most of which are done on a daily basis)

-B12 injections (Cyanocobalamin...yes, let's stick with B12)
-Flue shots
-Pneumovax injections
-Glucose testing
-Urine testing (dipsticks)
-Memory testing
-Diabetic foot exams
-EKGs (my fave)
-Screening for dementia and Alzheimer's
-Physical therapy (also another fave)
-Breathing treatments
-Ear irrigation (NOT a fave)
-Draining a sebaceous cyst (LEAST fave)
-Labeling and sending specimens for testing
-Organizing charts
-Sterilizing instruments
-Calling patients with lab results
-Paperwork, paperwork, paperwork
-..and of course the endless Weight, BP, Pulse, Respiration, SpO2