Wednesday, August 31, 2011


August 20, 2011

Cecilly. Lars. Kristin. Ash. (Hill met us later)

fun times.

[i'm a viking, not a trojan]

I've been interviewed before, but nothing as intimidating and intense as my first interview with USC for a teaching position with their preschool. I do not have a problem with interviews because I enjoy talking and I'm pretty confident in my abilities. But, this interview was terrible! It began with actually finding the building (it was across the freeway from USC campus in an annex building-which is on a one way street in the "armpit" of the freeway) I sat in a huge room with three people staring at me. They asked question, allowed me as much time as I wanted in order to answer and when I was done speaking the room was filled with [crickets] and the sound of pens scribbling on paper. There was no follow-up questions or dialogue (or smiles!), they merely went to the next question. After the question and answer portion, I was invited to sit at a computer and was given 20 minutes to complete three writing prompts.

When I replay the experience in my mind, it sounds a little something like this (distorted, of course)...

Them: "You have very little experience."
Me (Thinking): "Sorry, I was a little busy getting an education."

Them: "What sets you apart from the other candidates?"
Me: "I'm a preschool teacher with a medical degree."

Them: "What is something you learned from your medical training that will help you here?"
Me (Thinking): "I know how to change diapers for people of ALL ages."

Them: "How would you comfort a parent that is worried you are too young?"
Me (Thinking): "I'm closer to you child's age, so I can still relate to them."

And of course, somewhere in my closing statements...I mentioned "I'm ready to save the World." Yup, I was made to be a super hero or pageant gal.

Ultimately, the first interview went well because 2 weeks later I was invited back for ROUND TWO of interviews. This time, I was prepared for intimidation-unnecessarily! Again, I was invited into a room with three [different] people (the department head, HR personnel, and a parent). It was a quaint table with easy conversation this time. Again, I was hassled about my lack of experience. I was the youngest "call back" by at least 5 years. I have not heard back from them.

Ultimately, I did the best I know how. And that's all I can do. I'm pretty darn proud of myself for 1. being daring enough to apply, 2. staying positive after a rough first interview, 3. making it to round two, and 4. walking away with a great experience.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Cat Card recently had a post about her guilty pleasures and inspired me to vocalize some of my very own guilty pleasures. And to quote Ms. Card, "Don't be embarrassed. It's life. And sometimes the guilty pleasures are the only thing that get you through the day."(2011)

Being sucked into really good books: The kind of books that when you are done reading them/the series you feel like you're losing friends. I was just explaining to Pops that there were nights in school that I would get everything done early so that I could get ready for bed and read (usually around 10pm). I would look at the clock a while later and it would suddenly be 3am. ONE MORE CHAPTER! Which reminds me....I need a good book right about now.

Talavera Art: No two pieces are alike and each piece is perfectly imperfect. Random Talavera pieces will be found throughout my future home and I've already started collecting.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Pretzels:
They were my "treat" when we would make weekend trips to Winco in Idaho. The "Sugar-Free" was to make me feel a bit less guilty, but honestly they taste better than regular. And something about scooping out of a big barrel makes them even tastier.

Stanley Tucci: Amazing actor in any roll he's given! From my favorite fairy, Puck, in 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' to a creeptastic murderer in 'The Lovely Bones'. A quirky & supportive husband to Julia Childs in 'Julie & Julia' to a slightly orange dancer in 'Shall We Dance?'. The list continues.

The Color Pink: I am all about the neutrals (brown being one of my very favorite colors), but there is something about the color pink that makes me happy. But, I DO NOT like the brown & pink together trend going on in the last couple years.

Just Wright (plus similar story lines): When the female underdog wins. They pull off the most unlikely victories, win our hearts and minds, and tug on our heartstrings. "In this game, every shot counts."

Russian and Ukrainian Music: I enjoy both the traditional music, as well as the modern rock stuff. Something about the languages are very interesting and sound smartical.

The Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti is honest (and occasionally rude, with the best intentions). Apparently she's a third generation matchmaker, but I think matchmaking has come a LONG way since Yente in 'Fiddler on the Roof'. People pay big bucks to be a member of the 'Millionaire's Club' and be set up by Patti. It's comical and informative show at the same time!

Watching Surfers @ the Beach: It's just a happy sport. The best is when it's a group of older men that are catching a few waves before heading off to work (at least that's the story I make up when I watch some of them and they only stay for 30 minutes or so).

The Music of Billy Joel: Vienna. Piano Man. She's Got a Way. Only the Good Die Young. She's Always a Woman. Did you know he was a successful boxer? It wasn't until he broke his nose that began playing. (Dear person that broke his nose, Thanks. Love, Ashley)

Attractive Men in Creepy Roles: One word-SYLAR ('Heroes'). But really I can't explain it. Heath Ledger as The Joker (okay, Joker is not attractive, but it helps that the man under the makeup is one of the most attractive men ever), Cillian Murphy in 'Red Eye' and 'Batman', Daniel Sujata in 'Lie to Me'.

Sticky Notes: Ask the roommates, I swear by them. And I'm sure that loath them.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Conversations at lunch. Working on pronunciation. Abby is eating a burrito.

Abby: (says a mashed up, adorable version of the word "burrito".)
Ash: "Abs, say 'BURRRR'-ito." (including actions of being cold)
Abby: "No! Hot-ito!"

I was proved wrong.

[bolsa chica]

Calendar on the fridge reads, Tuesdays "GoDaBeach".

The ladies (Mom, Des, Britt, Abby, and I) pack up on Tuesday mornings and drive down to Bolsa Chica beach for a bit of beach time. We've been lucky enough to pretty much have the beach to ourselves. We lay around for a couple of hours watch surfers, splash in the water, search for sand crabs and shells, and remind Abby that she really does love the water.

Ash: "Are you a beach baby?"
Abby: "NO! Not a baby! I'm a beach girl."

Thursday, August 4, 2011

[one year later]

Maria left in July 2010.
Ashley left in December 2010.
Amber left in April 2011.
Heidi left in July 2011.

It's been over a year since we've all been together. :)

Miss Heidi Jo will be completing her internship in Mexicali and decided to make her trip from Idaho to Tecate more exciting by visiting friends/old roommates along the way. She arrived in L.A. on Thursday and we stayed in for homemade dinner and a movie. On Friday, we drove up to the Griffith Observatory for a little site seeing in the morning. We then made the drive down to San Diego to visit with Maria and Amber. We met up with Maria and chatted by a duck pond and walked around some hiking trails. We were finally complete when we met Amber for dinner and slumber bumber. In the morning we all headed our separate ways. I'm pretty sure it will be less than a year for our next reunion.

Griffith Observatory


I had been looking forward to a whole week in Newport Beach for months!

HillMill came up one night and we ventured through Laguna Beach art galleries, ate paninis on the beach, and finished the night with delicious gelato in a quaint and artsy alley. Thank for a lovely night Hill!

The rest of the week was spent swimming, sunbathing (mostly Mama), attempting to "go-da-beach", beating the sunset home, and exploring Balboa and Fashion Island. Thanks for a fun week familia!

Abby saw two little girls going underwater, so she wanted to try too!