Sunday, March 18, 2012

[dear Santa]

Dad found the following letter in his briefcase. Cerca 1997. Unopened.

Friday, March 16, 2012

[story time.]

  • "Miss Tootles, you look ridiculous." The comment was quickly followed by an "oh no! I take it back! I take it back!-look" This student was commenting on my hair because I had a curl popping out of my ponytail.
  • During a game of Gatorball (dodgeball+alligators+crab walking) my smallest boy said some choice words. My jaw dropped to the floor hearing it from a 1st grader! This was not the worst part though! I then had to repeat the same words to my supervisor. Awkward. Later, I had to inform his mother of the situation (it didn't help that the little boy was now in his mother's arms crying.) I explained that he was using inappropriate language during the game, but it get's better! She wanted to know the exact words he I had to repeat them to her as well. Gee Golly awkward.
  • Endless "tattle-tails".
  • (Serving yogurt and granola for snack.) "Tootles, I am not going to tell you I cannot have yogurt. My parents let me have cheese and ice cream occasionally so dairy is okay sometimes. I just don't like yogurt. So, may I have just granola?" (This same girl told me on my second day that she cannot have dairy at all-because she didn't like the snack and wanted something else- and she got a lecture from another teacher to not "scare Tootles".) Food allergies are crazy I tell ya!
  • Students trying to guess my age. "20?" No. "45?" Gee thanks!
  • I was running football drills with some of the kiddos. I was demonstrating what they would be doing and when I pitched the ball to them it was an awful throw. Two of the boys immediately approached me and said KINDLY, "Um Tootles, I think we can do the throwing from now on." (Twenty minutes later I regained their athletic respect by throwing perfect passes.) They now know that I'm a soccer person and I get roped into a lot of games or reffing.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

[i am tootles]

After 6 month of searching, by golly, I've done it.


Everything that led up to the job offer reminded me that I am never on my own. I researched this Child Development Center online and discovered the hiring manager works at their Pasadena location (they also have a San Gabriel location). I had an interview for a nanny position early on Tuesday morning in Pasadena, so I took along my resume to drop off at the Center on my way home.

After the nanny interview I was utterly lost finding the Center...I mean LOST. Even my GPS was telling me strange directions and sending me in wrong directions. (I won't tell you exactly where I ended up in fear of being made fun of endlessly by certain family members.) I was about to give up, thinking "I guess it's not meant to be", but instead I pulled over, collected myself, said a little prayer, and finally found the Center.

I walked into the wrong building and was escorted to the office. I was handed an application to fill out and told I would be contacted by the hiring manager later in the week. I was not even finished filling out the application when I was invited back to speak with one of the directors. She was impressed by my education and resume and informed me of several different positions that were open. I was invited back for another interview the following day and was officially offered a job as a TEACHER (1st/2nd Grade After School Group).

Everything after that was a whirlwind and a blur. (Paperwork, fingerprints, Dr. visits, etc.) I have now been working there for one week. I'm still learning student names, scheduling, and all the logistics. Our After School division goes by nicknames and I am "Tootles" (think lost boy in Peter Pan). It's quite fun telling stories from work and referring to my co-workers by their nicknames-I probably sound like an idiot. "Skittles and I were talking..." I love it thus far and I'm excited to be back in the classroom!

Look forward to some fun stories in the future!