Tuesday, June 19, 2012

[as they tipped their hat]

One morning while walking to work two older gentlemen were chilling on a planter. We bid each other "Good morning".

As I continued walking they proceeded to invite me to join their tickle fight later that day.

Sadly, I was on my way to work and had to decline.


After we lost Firefly at work, I took over her class of 3rd-6th graders, along with her driving route. I loved the little kiddos I got to pick up and spend time with in the car. Unfortunately, we have a strict RADIO DISNEY rule in the car (I actually didn't realize Radio Disney was still up and running.) Well, Radio Disney AM1110 plays the same 9-10 songs on a loop, which meant on days I was in the car for more than an hour, I listened to the same songs over and over. (Yippee for the day I was driving for 5 hours straight!)

Anywho, one of my sassy little 1st grade girls LOVES singing along to songs she knows and anytime TTYLXOX came on the radio I'd hear, "TOOTLES! CAN YOU TURN IT UP PLEASE" (my hand moved for the volume knob before she even had to say anything because I knew). I would listen to the song and had NO IDEA what the lyrics where even supposed to be -most likely a sign I am getting old(er). 

Be Be Be my BFF
'cause IDK what's coming next
I'll be LMHO with the rest

*I actually had to google "LMHO". ("Laughing My Head Off", if you're curious.)

One day, wanting to be able to sing along and impress my little sassy girl, I had another student teach me the words to the chorus. The next day when the song came on the radio I was ready to rock out. I got all the words right, unfortunately my plan backfired. I had expected little sass to say, "Tootles, you know the song!", "That's so fun!" or "Wow, you're amazing"... ya know, something along those lines? To my dismay the reaction was a blank look followed by "Tootles, you're not a very good singer". 

WHAT! Did this little sass not understand I've been singing since birth? Sang at graduation? Been a member of honor choirs? Received formal vocal training? Performed at Walt Disney Concert hall (thrice)? Performed on stage at the Hollywood Bowl?

Follow-up story: She did catch me singing along to Adele a couple days later. And she stopped singing in order to listen to me and asked, "Tootles? Is that you singing? You sound nice." YES! Thanks for my confidence back little sass!

LESSON: I should probably stick to songs that are age-appropriate.