Monday, April 23, 2012

[whiteboard question]

When homework is complete and checked students may choose to do math worksheets, read, or answer a "whiteboard question". The questions change every week ranging from "What would happen if the Easter Bunny ran out of candy?" or "You wake up in the morning and find a dinosaur in your room. Write a story to describe what happens." (5 sentences).

Well, last weeks assignment was a little controversial. "WRITE A STORY ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE COUNSELOR (teacher)."

With such sweet little kiddos the stories/sentences were pretty cute.

"My favorite teacher is Tootles because she makes good buns." (Some of my students go straight to ballet and I put their in buns for class.)

"I love Tootles' eye color, hair, and voice." (Apparently I sing without even knowing.)

"I like Tootles because of her hugs."

And my teaching partner commented, "Tootles? You've only been here two days!" (Correction! Two months!)