Monday, October 15, 2012

[as of late]

.city walk
.universal studios
.halloween parties
.sick day

[therefore i am.]

i am cautiously optimistic.
i think the world is obsessed with technology.
i am happy observing and making mental memories.
i have the cutest class of two year olds.
i miss slumber bumbers with roommates.
i fear becoming a cat lady. 
i feel exhausted at the end of the day.
i smell like latex, sanitizer, and Pink Chiffon. 
i usually press snooze 3 times before waking up. 
i search Google to spellcheck.
i wonder if the HokyPoky really is what it's all about.
i regret things I didn't do more than those that I did.
i love my LoveBug & SnuggleBaby (and the OtterPop on the way).
i care. i hope y'all know that. 
i tell the BEST rendition of "There was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly".
i worry i sabotage. 
i am not Barbie.
i remember Friday nights in the den watching Are You Afraid of the Dark?.
i believe in a thing called love...just listen to the beat of my heart...good song.
i sing during 42.8% of the day
i don’t care about shoes, I'd rather be barefoot.
i don’t clean my glasses as often as I should.
i write post-it notes obsessively.
i win thumb wars (I have longs thumbs compared to my baby hands).
i lose my appetite at the very mention of Legends.
i dance in the Kitchen when baking.
i wish i could have kittens. yes, multiple.
i never learned to skip.
i listen to Jack Johnson everyday during nap time.
i don't understand math. or maybe it doesn't understand me.
i can only cross one eye at a time.
i need to enjoy.
i forget. i forgot. 

by the way....HAPPY 100th POST!