Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[mouths of babes]

*Names have been changed to protects my kiddos.

QUICK REMINDER to PARENTS: Your children DO and WILL tell stories in class. More reason to BE CAREFUL what you DO and SAY!

Ivan is sitting on his mat, supposed to be sleeping, when he yells to Allen "You're Stupid!".
Me: "Ivan, come here." [calmly]
Ivan : "No, I'm tired." [defensive]
Me: "Ivan, come here." [calmly]
Ivan: [slowly creeping closer to where I am standing] "I don't want to. I'm tired."
Finally reaches me after the same back and forth.
Me: "What did you say to Allen?"
Ivan: "It wasn't me."
Me: "Did you say a mean word?"
Ivan: [fully convinced] "No, YOU said it to Allen."
Me: [holding back laughter while reminding him to use nice words.]


Rhett is completing a maze that starts at a dog and ends at a bone.
Rhett: "What do I do?"
Me: "The dog wants to get to the bone. Use your pencil to draw a line from the dog to the bone."
Rhett: "How is the dog going to get there?"
Me: "He runs."
Rhett: [begins drawing the line] "Ms. Ashley, the dog is not following my pencil."
[very concerned]


During circle time I was telling a story about catching an octopus in a tide pool. We put rocks next to the octopus to see if it would change colors.
Allen: [raises hand] "Ms. Ashley, my mom has rocks in her belly."
*Later to find out she does, indeed, have gallstones.


All the best stories in my class start with "When I was a little kid..." (Remember, my kiddos are FOUR YEARS OLD!)


Toby with ANYTHING she does not like...
"Ms. Ashley, I don't love red."
"Ms. Ashley, I don't love corn."
"Ms. Ashley, I don't love science."
"Ms. Ashley, I don't love that potty."

Thursday, January 24, 2013

[as of late...again.]

Life as of late...
Welcomed this little guy to the family.
Declan Harrison

  • Finished my 6 months subbing with the Honey Bees. When I first started with the 2s I kept thinking "Are you kidding me? I have to wrangle how many of them!?" But I will be honest, I miss my babies. I see them everyday in the hallway and hear my name "Ms. Ash-a-ly!" (Never knew my name had so many syllables.) 
  • Opened up my NEW classroom-the Zebras! I now teach pre-K. It was a bigger transition from the 2s to the 4s than when I transitioned from 6th grade to the 2s. (Hope that made sense.) The kids are SPUNKY, TALKATIVE, and HILARIOUS. 
  • I have the blood of TWO of my students on my work sweatshirt. (Even sent on to the ER this week!) 
  • Hermana HillMill comes home in a little over 3 months.
  • Spoiled myself and got a "big girl camera". 
  • Spoiled myself and got a nice car. "Sanka" ('12 Ford Focus)
  • A fairy lost her wings because I did not renew my Disney pass. [insert audible GASP]