Thursday, January 24, 2013

[as of late...again.]

Life as of late...
Welcomed this little guy to the family.
Declan Harrison

  • Finished my 6 months subbing with the Honey Bees. When I first started with the 2s I kept thinking "Are you kidding me? I have to wrangle how many of them!?" But I will be honest, I miss my babies. I see them everyday in the hallway and hear my name "Ms. Ash-a-ly!" (Never knew my name had so many syllables.) 
  • Opened up my NEW classroom-the Zebras! I now teach pre-K. It was a bigger transition from the 2s to the 4s than when I transitioned from 6th grade to the 2s. (Hope that made sense.) The kids are SPUNKY, TALKATIVE, and HILARIOUS. 
  • I have the blood of TWO of my students on my work sweatshirt. (Even sent on to the ER this week!) 
  • Hermana HillMill comes home in a little over 3 months.
  • Spoiled myself and got a "big girl camera". 
  • Spoiled myself and got a nice car. "Sanka" ('12 Ford Focus)
  • A fairy lost her wings because I did not renew my Disney pass. [insert audible GASP]